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Virtual Summer Camp Sessions 2020

Camp Sessions

All times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

 Session 1 - Musical Theater Camp 
(We write our own show.)
 June 15-26
 June 26
 Session 2 - SuperStarz Camp
  June 29-July 3
 July 3
 Session 3 - SuperStarz Camp
 July 6-10
 July 10
 Session 4 - Quaran-Teen Songwriting Camp
 July 20-24
 July 24
 Session 5 - Virtual Playwriting Camp
 Juy 27-31
 July 31

Camp Location

All camps and performances will take place online via Zoom.

"Don't Be WICKED" Camp

Teachers: Jeanette Airen, Izzy Stewart, Karen Dotan

Session 1 - Musical Theater Camp; June 15-26

Monday-Friday for 2-weeks

Ages 6-10 (All participants MUST be able to read.); 10:00am-12:00pm

Ages 11-16; 1:00-3:00pm

20-hours of camp time + 4 private sessions + 1 virtual performance

Enrollment Max. 12 per age group

$325 per child

In this 2-week long workshop we will work together to create a musical theater show that showcase each child's individual talents. Each child will be cast in a role and will perform online in a full musical production written by the campers (with assistance from the camp teachers). During camp, children will learn proper vocal technique, scene study and dancing skills in addition to a variety of other skills to help them master the stage. No previous experience is necessary. We welcome and encourage everyone to join us for a fun and memorable musical theater experience like no other from the safety of your own home.

The script written by the campers will include songs from the popular Broadway show Wicked.

SuperStarz Music Video Camp

Teachers: Jeanette Airen, Izzy Stewart, Karen Dotan

Monday - Friday 10:00am-12:00pm or 1:00-3:00pm

Ages 6-12

Session 2 - Disney Week; June 29-July 3

Session 3 - Pop/Rock Week; July 6-10

10-hours of camp time + 4 private sessions + 1 virtual performance

Enrollment Max. 12 for each Session

$235 per child

In this week long workshop, performers will get a mini-private lesson (to be schedule with your instructor outside of camp time) each day to practice their solo. They will also work together to make a virtual music video for a group song including singing and dancing. In addition to vocal technique, they will also learn virtual performance skills such as, expressing emotion and recording/streaming techniques. The music videos will be posted on YouTube to share with friends and family. All of the SuperStarz will perform their solos at the culminating virtual performance on Friday evening. 

All campers will need to spend time outside of camp time to practice and record their videos.

Solo Song Selection for SuperStarz Camp

Please let us know your child's solo song choices in advance. This will allow us to prepare the music ahead of time and be ready to start with the child's private lessons on the first day of camp. Solo selections are on a first come first served basis. If someone else has already requested your first choice, you will be given your second choice, etc. If all 3 of your song choices are already taken, you will be contacted by email to send in additional song choices. You will also be notified by email once your song choice is confirmed. If there are any inappropriate lyrics in your song selection, the lyrics will be changed at the camp director's discretion. All songs will be edited down to 2 minutes.

Each child will perform 1 solo and 1 group song at the camp performance. Please see below a list of the group songs for each session. Group songs cannot be chosen as solos.

Please enter your solo song choices on the camp registration form. Once the song choices have been submitted they cannot be changed.

Group Songs

 Song for Ages 6-8
 Song for Ages 9-12
 Session 1 - Disney
 "It's A Small World" (Rock 'n Roll Version)
 "What's My Name" - Decendents 2
 Session 3 - Pop/Rock
 "Count On Me" - Bruno Mars
 "You're A Star" - Josie And The Pusstcats

*Lyrics will be changed if any songs contain lyrics that are inappropriate.

Quaran-Teen Songwriting Camp

Teacher: Grant Goldstein

Monday - Friday 1:00-3:00pm

*an additional time will be added if the 1:00 session is full.

Ages 13-18

Session 4 - July 20-24

10-hours of camp time + 1 performance

Enrollment Max. 5 for each Session

$175 per child

In this week long workshop, performers will learn how to write and practice their own original solo song. They can use their own instrument, guitar, piano or ukulele. If they don't know how to play an instrument, they can also participate by writing lyrics and a melody and the teacher will make a backing track for the performer to use when performing at the show. There will be an additional fee of $50 if the students needs a recorded backing track for their song. All of the performers will perform their solos at the culminating virtual performance on Friday. All campers are responsible for providing their own costumes for the performance.

Virtual Playwriting Camp

Monday- Friday 10:00am-12:00pm (Ages 11-14) Teacher: Jeanette Airen

Monday - Friday 1:00-3:00pm (Ages 7-10) Teacher: Kelsey Wilk

Ages 7-14

Session 5 - July 27-31

10-hours of camp time + 1 performance

Enrollment Max. 12 for each Session

$175 per child

In this super fun and interactive workshop, kids will make up their own original characters and help the director create a brand new digital play, starring the playwrights themselves! Using improvisation, storytelling, imagination and plenty of teamwork, the kids will star in an amazing “world premiere” performance of their new play at the end of the session. Young actors will have a chance to act in the roles they’ve always dreamed of, break out of their shells and make magical memories. 

Other Important Camp Info

SNACK - There will be a break scheduled during each camp day to give the students a chance to eat a quick snack or use the restroom if needed. This break will be 15-minutes, so please plan to have a snack already prepared if your child would like to eat a snack during this time.

DRESS CODE - For Theater Camps and SuperStarz Camps, please be sure your child is wearing something they can dance and move in easily. Please NO FLIP-FLOPS.

TUITION - The tuition for each session is based on the amount of hours of teaching and preparation time needed for that session. The prices are listed above. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a spot in the camp when registering. The full payment is due 2-weeks before the camp session begins. The tuition includes all instruction time (including a mini private lesson each day of camp if applicable) and a culminating performance on the last day of camp as well as a free camp t-shirt. There are no refunds for any reason. Space for is very limited.

PERFORMANCE - The camp performances will be held on Zoom. The Zoom link and password to join the meeting will be sent to all parents after the full payment has been received. All audience members must watch the performance with their microphones muted and videos off. The performances are free of charge and anyone who would like to see it is welcome to join us. All performances will take place at 6:30pm on the last Friday of the camp session. The performers will need to join the Zoom meeting at 6:00 and the audience will be allowed to join in at 6:20pm.

Camp Registration

Please fill out the registration form below. One form must be submitted for each child attending camp. Once the form is received, you will be emailed an invoice. Invoices are sent out manually, so please be patient. It may take up to 24-hours for your invoice to be sent.

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