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Revolting Children

8 characters. Approximately 15-20 minutes running time. Revolting Children is the story of a class meeting for the first time in their new virtual school. It's the first day of online school and Ms. Collins is doing her best to keep her class engaged and on task while the kids are adjusting to their new way of learning. Each child has their own quirks that keep Ms. Collins on her toes. Through getting to know each other, we learn that two of the kids have parents that aren't very nice, so the kids decide to revolt against them. They come up with a plan to teach these mean parents a lesson of their own. This show has a message of standing up for what's right and sticking together for the greater good and to help others.

This show was written by Jeanette Airen.

For ages 7-14.

Teacher/Director: Kelsey Wilk

Page-to-Stage Radio Play Workshop
Week 1- Read through the script, assign roles, begin "blocking" by planning out sound effects, direction, etc.
Week 2- Rehearse and continue blocking/practicing 
Week 3- Rehearse and continue blocking/practicing 

Week 4- Rehearse and continue blocking/practicing 

Week 5 - Showtime! "Perform" the play using Zoom. The cast will rehearse for the first 30-minutes of class. Then we will invite an "audience" to sign into our Zoom meeting and watch the performance without their video features on. We will also record the Zoom session so the kids can have a recorded version to share with friends and family that couldn't make it to the show.

Performance Info.

The performance will take place on Zoom and is free of charge to all audience members.

Date: Tuesday, August 8th 6:00pm

Zoom Link: (coming soon...)


Option #1 - Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm PST - SOLD OUT

Schedule: August 11th, 18th, 25th, September 1st and PERFORMANCE on September 8th

Option #2 ***Another option may become available if we get enough sign ups to add another class. If you submit the form below and check the box for Option #2, you will be notified if we have enough kids to do a second cast of our virtual play.***

Participants must be able to commit to all dates listed on the option they choose.

Each class is $20 for a total of $100 to be paid at the time of registration. (Students already enrolled in the Page-To-Stage-Acting class will not be charged additional fees. They will continue to pay their regular monthly tuition.)

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