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Jeanette Airen

Performing Arts Studio

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Singing Lessons

Jeanette prides herself in fostering a love for singing, cultivating each student's potential, and maintaining the highest standards in vocal and music education. Customized vocal warm-ups are given to each student. She teaches all ages and all skill levels. Jeanette has training in many music styles, including classical, musical theater, pop, rock, jazz and R&B.

All private students have the opportunity to perform at the Showcases and other performances throughout the year.

What We Do In Singing Lessons

  • Learn Breathing Techniques
  • Learn Proper Singing Posture
  • Learn Vocal Strengthening Techniques
  • Learn Range Broadening Techniques
  • Learn Enunciation Skills
  • Learn Music Theory and Ear Training
  • Practice Performance Skills
  • Practice Microphone Technique
  • Sing songs of the student's choice.

Advanced students can also work on songwriting and studio preparation. During songwriting lessons, students will work on writing lyrics and catchy melodies. Students who work on studio preparation during their lessons will learn how to achieve their best vocal performance in the studio, including emotional expression, vocal phrasing and vocal tone. They will also learn studio etiquette and how to communicate with the audio engineer and producer. Students can also record their original songs at our studio.

Acting Lessons

Jeanette focuses on realistic acting that audiences can connect with on an emotional level. Jeanette offers one-on-one acting lessons or you can bring a friend for work on acting scenes. The acting lessons are great if you are just starting out, preparing for an audition, or want to fine-tune your skills.

Performance opportunities are available to all students.

What We Do In Acting Lessons

  • Learn Cold Reading and Auditioning Skills
  • Text Analysis and Interpretation
  • Monologue Preparation
  • Learn Improvisation Techniques
  • Learn Acting Tactics and Objectives
  • Practice Timing, Rhythm and Control
  • Expand your Acting Range with Character Work
  • Explore Nuances of Performing and Auditioning for Film, Television, Commercial, and Stage

Piano Lessons

Jeanette offers beginning piano lessons. Students will work with a lesson book to help guide them in learning proper music theory and technique. Once the student has grasped some of the basics, Jeanette will implement fun songs into the lessons to accompany the teachings of the music book. Students can play songs they like and still learn theory and musicianship along the way.

All private students have the opportunity to perform at the Showcases and other performances throughout the year.

What We Do In Piano Lessons

  • Learn To Care For Your Instrument and How To Play It Properly
  • Learn To Read Sheet Music
  • Learn Musical Terms
  • Learn To Play Scales and Chords
  • Learn To Play Melodies
  • Play Familiar Songs

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique can be helpful for voice and acting students. Through the Alexander Technique lessons, students learn to free their bodies of the tension, stress, and pain brought on by daily activities, habits, or injuries. The Alexander technique combines posture and movement patterns. Your body will be guided into new postures and ways to move while keeping your good posture, creating free and easy movements that are effortless and free from tension. Breathing patters will also coincide with your posture and movements. These techniques can be used to help with daily actives as well as with singing and acting.

What We Do In Alexander Technique Lessons

  • Get in tune with your own body
  • Learn soothing breathing exercises.
  • Learn to relax all muscles in the body
  • Learn to stand, sit and walk with proper posture
  • Apply the Alexander Technique to your singing or acting

During the Alexander Technique lessons Jeanette will be observing your posture and movement patterns. In addition to the visual information she will gather information about your posture and breathing in a very important way, by using her hands to feel your muscles and their movement patterns. She will gently place her hands on your neck, shoulders, back and so on.